Sister, Falling Asleep in My Arms || Poem

On a recent camping trip, my almost-littlest sister and I would snuggle together as she fell asleep. They're precious moments - someone you love falling asleep in your arms, feeling their head get heavy as you watch their eyelids droop. I wrote the first draft of this poem with her head nestled into my elbow, trying to only move my wrist - so I didn't disturb her. I'll cherish these simple moments of peace forever...


My Dream Writing Space…

So... I love to write. And I kid you not, I will write anywhere, anytime. I'm really not that fussed. But... I'm also a dreamer, and I will readily admit it - I many, many ideas and plans for my future home. Over the last few days, I've spent some time happily thinking about all my ideas for future writing spaces - here are my dreams...!

New Year, New Writing

It's here. The new year is here. And most of the world is setting new resolutions. Because, in our society, each new year feels like a new chance – the time in which to change your ways, make new habits, or improve your life. This year, though, I have a suggestion for you. Go ahead and make your resolutions – write more, finish your novel, publish a book – whatever you want to do in 2019, but also, do something else. What? Well, I encourage you to try something new, writing wise. To put it simply, try writing something you never thought you would.