Blogmas 2018 (Day 8) || 3 Ways Your Novel Is Like a Christmas Pudding

Christmas is just around the corner, and I am certainly ready for the joy and celebrations that accompany this season. At the same time, though, I have novels on the brain. (blaming NaNoWriMo here…)

So, today, I want to mix Christmas themes with writing advice, and discuss how novels (specifically drafts) are like Christmas pudding! It may sound a little crazy, but you see, you can learn a lot from the world around you. The simplest or silliest of things can provide valuable lessons for life and improving skills – even a traditional Christmas pudding. So, here are 3 ways that your novel is like a Christmas pudding…!

1. They’re filled with Good Things

All Christmas puddings are stuffed with all sorts of delicious fruit. And your novel is also packed full of goodness. It’s just that sometimes, the novel’s good bits can be harder to find than you’d like. Sometimes, you have to search a little harder to find them and bring them to the front. But when you do find them, it’s worth it! It’s a burst of sweetness, a moment where you get to see the potential of your WIP, and it helps to form the building blocks for the rest of your story. And although that can feel difficult, it can be a very rewarding thing! Sometimes, when you’re in the midst of edits, it can be hard to recognise the good parts in your story. But if you keep searching and persevere, you will find them – and then, it will all feel worth it!

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